Piquadro backpacks have an attractive, unsurpassed appearance. At the same time, they are functional, practical, easy to use and suitable for both travel and everyday wear

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Why you should buy a Piquadro backpack

Experienced craftsmen of the Italian company did their best, and you can evaluate the results of their work right now. The individual style of the models is created thanks to the original design. And also – due to the fact that the manufacturer monitors the latest trends and constantly brings something new to the classics. As a result, among the range there are backpacks suitable for people of all ages, different social groups.

Perfection is shown here in every detail. You will surely pay attention to the design of the Piquadro backpacks. They are solid and practical. It will be possible to appreciate it during any more or less active day, whether during normal work on weekdays or during a long trip.

Piquadro backpacks have several advantages at once:

  • each product is equipped with many compartments, card slots, as well as pockets for cash, documents and other useful little things;
  • the inner space of the backpack is technologically modified for modern devices – laptops, iPads (including the Air version) and other gadgets;
  • you will not have a reason to doubt the security of all things that are in the backpack, while you will also easily find any item without long, tedious searches.

There are a few other pluses as well. The weight is evenly distributed by ergonomic shoulder straps, so you can forget about the extra load and inconvenience. The breathable back allows you to move freely in an active rhythm for a long time.

Some models are equipped with additional options. Among them is the possibility of fixing on the handle of a travel bag. The range also includes Piquadro backpacks, which are designed to transform one accessory into another.

Design variety of Piquadro backpacks

Masters of the company “Pikvadro” make backpacks in various colors – both classic and innovative. Therefore, it will not be difficult to choose something according to your individual preferences.

The materials used in production deserve special attention:

  • the basis of the design is genuine leather of the highest grade;
  • careful textiles increase the durability of the accessory;
  • specialists in laboratories use the latest technology to improve the wear resistance of materials.

Piquadro backpacks have all the necessary properties so that they can be used both during ordinary urban everyday life and while traveling. Already now you have the opportunity to experience all these amenities, and at the same time emphasize your excellent taste – for this, it is enough to buy a Piquadro backpack.