Piquadro USA • Business and leisure bags and suitcases
Piquadro - Italian quality and unsurpassed style combined with modern technology. A wide range of bags, backpacks, suitcases and accessories for travel and everyday use at work and leisure, Premium segment. The Piquadro catalog has been replenished with regular seasonal collections since 1987. Piquadro's clients are modern, businesslike, rational, frequent travelers from all over the world, as well as Nelson Piquet and Fernando Alonso. We have something to be proud of!

In Piquadro stores you can find the highest quality accessories for business, travel and leisure. The range is designed for men and women and includes such main areas as: travel bags, suitcases on wheels, backpacks, bags and organizers. Piquadro collections are constantly replenished and updated depending on the season.

Each Piquadro product is carefully designed and crafted from selected materials. If this is a leather backpack, then you will not find softer and more pleasant leather, if it is a suitcase on wheels made of polyester, then you can definitely be sure of the safety of both the suitcase itself and the things that you take on a trip. We also recommend that you pay attention to Piquadro accessories: stylish purses, practical key holders, document covers, organizers, diaries and many other accessories you can buy from the Piquadro catalog.

There are Piquadro stores in many countries and cities around the world. Piquadro products can be purchased in Moscow, Kyiv, Minsk, Astana and Rome. Everywhere you can find both stationary and online Piquadro stores, where the entire main range of the brand will be presented. The Piquadro manufacturer values ​​the reputation of its company and therefore recommends buying brand products only from official distributors in your country. By purchasing Piquadro products, you will forever remain a fan of the brand. Happy shopping with Piquadro!